The Seven Mountains

There are more than 4 million Native North Americans, and this community faces suicide, homicide, alcoholism, drug addiction, and abuse. The root of this tragedy is simple; pain and hopelessness. This is why LifeTribe was created, to restore hope to the nations.

LifeTribe seeks to impact Native land through seven particular spheres of influence. These spheres include Arts and entertainment, business, education, family, government, media, and religion. These are known as the seven mountains of influence.


We will reach these mountaintops with a multi-pronged campaign. Life Tribe aims to create redemptive Native films to touch the hearts of Native and non-native people alike. Work has already begun on children’s books to empower young Native children in the educational system—and Life Tribe is even working alongside Focus on the Family to create parenting curriculum that will revive Native families.

Outside of the personal lives of Natives, Life Tribe seeks to raise up Native entrepreneurs—both on and off the reservations—and equip Native American Chiefs and tribal chairmen with leadership skills. Finally, we want to build websites and mobile apps that will connect us directly with Native people through their phones.

Through these mountaintops, we know we will shine the light of Christ for the First Nations people to see.